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Articles and Publications 2012 - 2013

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Recent articles

When You Receive Mixed Signals: Resolving Conflicting Evidence
(Marketing Viewpoint December 2013)

Six Success Tips from Consumer Research: One Size Does not Fit All
(Marketing Viewpoint November 2013)

Ten Tips for Delivering Bad News Tactfully
(Marketing Viewpoint October 2013)

10 Steps to a Better Website
Worcester Business Journal, August 19, 2013

Five Game-Changing Marketing Strategies for Non-Marketers
(Marketing Viewpoint September 2013)

Why Professionals Should Use Cognitive Interviewing (Survey Tips Pt 2)
(Marketing Viewpoint August 2013)

Ten Tips for Creating Online Surveys that Get Results (Survey Tips Pt 1)
(Marketing Viewpoint July 2013)

Create Visuals that Are Worth a Thousand Words
(Marketing Viewpoint June 2013)

10 Things I Know About Constructing A Meaningful Survey
(Worcester Business Journal Online, May 13, 2013)

Ten Tips for Preventing Communications Breakdowns
(Marketing Viewpoint May 2013)

Use Prequels and Sequels to Enhance Survey Results
(Marketing Viewpoint April 2013)

Hold the "New Paradigm"  To Advance Your Career
(Marketing Viewpoint March 2013)

Avoid Drowning in Information: Ask the Right Questions
(Marketing Viewpoint February 2013)

Seven Tips for Using Social Media without Giving Away the Store
(Marketing Viewpoint January 2013)

We Tried Marketing Once and It Didn't Work: Marketing Tips for Non-Profits
(Marketing Viewpoint December 2012)

How to Handle Difficult Clients and Customers
(Marketing Viewpoint November 2012)

Doing Business with Friends without Jeopardizing the Friendship
(Marketing Viewpoint October 2012)

Ask Questions To Identify the Jobs To Be Done for Your Customers
(Marketing Viewpoint September 2012)

What Jobs Do Your Customers Need To Have Done?
(Marketing Viewpoint August 2012)

Too Much Choice Promotes Customer Anxiety
(Marketing Viewpoint July 2012)

Make a Call to Get Back on Track & Telephone Surveys Complement Online Surveys
(Marketing Viewpoint June 2012)

Drowning in Big Data
(Marketing Viewpoint May 2012)

What Happened to the Middleman: The Decline in Relationship Selling
(Marketing Viewpoint April 2012)

Six Questions To Ask Before Using Mobile Devices for Surveys
(Marketing Viewpoint March 2012)

Super Challenges for Super Companies
(Marketing Viewpoint February 2012)

What Marketers Can Learn from Political Campaigns
(Marketing Viewpoint January 2012)

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