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Marketing Viewpoint by Ruth Winett

Can You Use AI To Generate a Useful Survey?

Surveying former customers to find out why they left

Have you considered using AI to generate customer surveys? I used ChatGPT to create two different surveys that target a firm’s former marketing customers. I found you have to try different prompts to find one that generates a survey that will identify why customers have left. Here are the prompts I used and the surveys they generated:

Query 1: Generate a survey to send to former clients of a marketing firm.

Format: The survey had a friendly introduction that explained the reason for the survey, followed by eight questions and a concluding paragraph which thanked the participants.

Pluses: Asks which of five types of marketing services were used and how effective the services were; asks about the firm’s responsiveness; has two open-ended questions seeking feedback on the experience and how the firm could improve. Asks respondent to rate specific services used.

Negatives: Has two questions that overlapped, and the survey did not ask for demographic information.

Query 2: Generate a survey to send to former clients of a marketing firm. Ask for demographic information and reasons for ending the business relationship.

Format: The survey has fourteen questions. It lacks an introduction with the reason for the survey, but it did have a concluding thank you paragraph.

Pluses: Includes six demographic questions, including industry and company size, which would provide trend information. Other sections are Business Relationship, including which of seven services were used; Reasons for Ending the Business Relationship; and Future Engagement. Asks whether the respondent would consider working with the firm in the future. Adds a very useful optional question: provide contact information if they would like to discuss their feedback.

Negatives: Seeks name and contact information of respondents, which might deter some people. Only one open-ended question. Asks respondent to rate overall services, not specific services.

Can AI Generate a Useful Survey?

Generative AI can create a usable first draft of a survey which you can save and tweak. However, the query must reflect whom you will target and what you hope to learn from the exercise.

Query 2 generated a more useful survey as it asked why the customer left. It also asked whether the respondent would like to restore the relationship with the firm.

Survey creation is just the beginning, however. The hard part is engaging respondents and getting responses, either by phone or online. Then, you must analyze and interpret the data. Finally, you have to study the results and take action to prevent other customers from leaving and/or take actions to re-engage former customers.


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