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Marketing Viewpoint by Ruth Winett

Ten Ways To Get Clients and
Customers To Trust You

A roofer proposed to install a partial new roof to prevent ceiling leaks in our house. The cost--over $8,000. The roofer did not get the job because we did not trust him. He had behaved unprofessionally, and it was unclear whether or not the leaks came from the roof. Any transaction with a provider of services or goods hinges on the provider's ability to establish trust.

To establish trust or confidence in yourself, your organization, and your products or services means that you:

  • See customers/patients/clients as individuals and understand their unique needs.
  • Put their needs before your own needs.
  • Make realistic promises at the beginning of the engagement. And, you do not make unrealistic promises in advertisements or contracts.
  • Have technical competence in your field.
  • Know your products and/or services inside and out.
  • Have the resources to provide the desired results, as well as the necessary skills.
  • Are ethical and won’t overcharge or substitute inferior materials or incomplete services.
  • Have a good reputation in your field and credible references.
  • Fulfill contracts or agreements you make with the people or businesses you serve.
  • Apologize and remedy any mistakes or omissions and replace malfunctioning products.

Most of all, establishing trust means that you convey at the onset of an engagement that you sincerely want to help your customers/clients/patients. Then, you provide them with the right solution for their problems. A more trustworthy contractor told us the chimney was responsible for the leaks, not the roof. And, the chimney repairs cost a fraction of the cost of the partial roof that we did not need.

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